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Performance Company

Are you ready to take the next leap in your dance training? The DanceWorks Performance Company has been the staple of elite Vancouver dance for almost 25 years. DanceWorks company members are known as some of the most talented dancers in the Clark County area. Each year over 80 dancers audition for coveted spots in company.

Company members attend the biggest competitions and conventions including NYCDA, Tremaine, StarQuest & OnStage.  With extra performances in the Vancouver, Washington area. Former company dancers have been accepted into some of the best dance universities in the United States.

How will I know if my child is ready for competition?

To be in our competition groups, students must have at least one year of training with DanceWorks. Be enrolled in a lyrical, jazz, or ballet combination class with DanceWorks. For our Tiny Stars & Mini Company groups there are no auditions required. Only an instructor recommendation. For Senior, Teen, and Junior Company groups, an audition is required. Usually scheduled at the beginning of June.


Our competition groups are divided by age;

  • Tiny Stars: 5-6 years

  • Mini Company: 7-9 years

  • Junior Company: 9-12 years

  • Teen & Senior: 13+

  • As students get older, exceptions to age requirements are made at the choreographer’s discretion.


We feel it is important to encourage our students to give back to the community. Students donate raffle baskets during our June Showcase to raise funds for the Susan G Komen Foundation Race for the Cure, and again during winter holiday season to raise funds for Friends of DanceWorks to benefit all students.

Teen and Senior students perform in all four shows of our June Showcase. Students not performing in all shows are expected to assist at Nutcracker, Spring Ballet, and our June shows.


Competition groups meet once a week for choreography, usually on Saturdays. As a performance or competition approaches, sometimes rehearsals are called on Fridays and Sundays. Enrollment in a lyrical, or jazz combination class in addition to the company class is mandatory. Hip-hop and acro classes do not count toward required company classes. For Junior Company, there is an additional one hour jazz technique class. There is a 2.5 hour required company technique class included for Teen and Senior Companies.

  • There are mandatory summer classes and intensives required during July. Exact dates for these classes are announced in March.

  • Students are expected to participate in two local competitions per season, as well as community performances.

  • Attendance is mandatory in all Company and technique classes.

  • In order to participate in Senior, Teen, or Jr Company, you must be enrolled and remain part of the Vancouver City Ballet program for the entire dance year. These groups are also required to attend two dance conventions every year. Junior Company may only be required to attend one convention.