Bring a Friend Week Oct 23rd-28th

Bring a Friend Week is October 23rd-28th. It’s a dance party all week! Bring your friends to dance class, because there’s nothing more fun than dancing with your friends — especially when there’s prizes! Bring a Friend Week is the best week ever!

There are many fabulous prizes this year for students who participate in Bring a Friend Week. One of the prizes is a $100 credit on your account which can be used for a break on tuition or for some of our lovely logo gear!

Here are the steps to participate:
1. Pick up an invitation! Invitations will go home with you during class the week of October 2-7. Additionally, invitations will be available at the front desk.
2. Invite a friend! Only friends who are not registered for classes with DanceWorks or Vancouver City Ballet qualify.
3. Bring your friend, and the completed invitation and the waiver on the back of the invitation signed by the friend’s parent to class during Bring a Friend Week! Not only is it fun, and you could win prizes, but everyone who participates receives a gift. The waiver is mandatory to participate.
4. Take a picture with your friend in front of our lobby logo and post to Instagram using the hashtag #Danceworksbringafriend17 and each day a lucky winner will be randomly chosen to win a DanceWorks hoodie!

For students in advanced classes: consider coming with your friend to a lower level class. This creates a more positive experience for Bring a Friend Week.

Playing on Chairs, Drawing on Walls, Ripping Down Signs

Do you allow children to play, run, or walk on your chairs in your home? Do you want children drawing on the walls of your home? When you go to the dentist, library, or to get an oil change do you allow your children to play on the chairs, draw on the walls, or rip down signs there?

Please don’t let your children run amok at DanceWorks. While we want to create a kid-friendly environment, we consider this our home, and we don’t want anyone’s feet on our furniture or drawings on the brand new paint on the walls.

Rough-housing and being rowdy in the lobby or around the studios will also not be tolerated as we want to make sure things are not broken, and everyone feels safe here.

Please be as considerate of our space as you would be when you are the guest in anyone’s home or business.

7 Day Class Pass

Tell your friends about our limited time 7 day class pass. During the week of October 16th-21st we have a 7 day free class pass available. To participate simply fill out a form at the front desk and enjoy coming to class all week. To see a list of participating classes ask the front desk.

Dancers of the Month

Every month we will recognize students for stand-out performance in class. If you work hard in class, pay attention and listen to your instructors, you may see your name on this list in one of the newsletters and get a special prize!

Elena Gonzalez: (Thursday Jazz/Hip Hop) Huge helper in assisting in class.
Keira Limbrick: (Thursday Ballet 1A) – Hard worker, good listener, and always on top of things.
Marni Daniels: (Thursday PreBallet B) Good listener, always tries her hardest and does what she is told.

New Emergency Evacuation Signs

All of our studios are now equipped with emergency evacuation signs. Please check the signs for the easiest and quickest route for evacuation.

Sugar Plum Tea


You are cordially invited to join us for tea and pastries Sunday, November 5th.

Seatings at 1:00pm and 3:30pm

For every ticket you purchase for Sugarplum Tea, you’ll receive one ticket to a Nutcracker performance of your choice!

Sugarplum Tea is your chance to get a sneak peek of all the Nutcracker fun with story time, photograph opportunities with the Nutcracker cast, vocal performances from our musical theater classes, delicious food, and, of course, tea! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for a afternoon of food and fun. Tickets on sale at & DanceWorks Studios

Bring a Friend Week Sugar Plum Tea

Bring a Friend Week Sugar Plum Tea

Dress Code for Dance Class

Please make sure your student arrives for class in the appropriate dance attire and hair tied back correctly. If you are unsure what the dress code is for your class, pictures are posted on the bulletin boards in the lobby and there is a brief description available on our website. Dont Forget Bring a Friend Week!

Nutcracker Auditions

Our thanks to everyone who auditioned this year. We have over 100 members performing in this season’s performance! We’ll look forward to seeing a lot more of all of you! Please keep your eye out for more updates from us as the performances draw closer and remember: only ONE missed rehearsal is allowed!

DanceWork’s First Spirit Week of the Season is Next Month!

Did You Get Your Water Bottle?
Everyone who signs up for classes receives a free water bottle. If you didn’t get yours when you signed up, that means we forgot to give you one! If you haven’t received your water bottle, make sure to stop by the front desk and get yours next time you’re in class!

The Healthy Dancer

You may have noticed the blue binder full of blog posts from The Healthy Dancer floating around the lobby. The health and well being of our dancers is important to all of us at DanceWorks, so we highly recommend that you check out The Healthy Dancer blog and educate yourself about important topics on health and dance.

If you ever have questions, please ask at the front desk, or feel free to call and email us. If we do not have an immediate answer, we will get back to you promptly.
Thank you,
DanceWorks & Vancouver City Ballet