Welcome to February month of the dance season!
Read on to learn about DanceWorks’ February closure dates, upcoming performance fees, who the February dancers of the month are, and much more as we begin this second half of our season.
DanceWorks Will Be Closed for President’s Day

 February Performance Fees for the
May Ballet and June Showcase
Performance Fees for the May Ballet and June Showcase have been posted on to accounts and should appear in your invoice at the beginning of this month.

If you have not done so already, please come by the front desk (or call) and give us direct permission to charge your accounts for these fees, or set up a payment plan at the front desk.

These fees are due by February 28th.

Class Attire Reminder
If you are unsure of the dress code requirements for your student’s dance class, please either check our website for specifics, or follow the guidelines below.

Vancouver City Ballet Dress Code.

All Ballet classes must have students with hair in buns

All non-ballet classes need to have students hair tied back away from the face

Angelina Ballerina students need an Angelina Ballerina tutu purchased from the front desk

Parents In The Dance Studios!
Please refrain from entering the class rooms during class time. It is distracting to the students to have parents in the class while class is running. Parents may be invited into the studio to do a “show” however they are not allowed to participate in class. We have viewing windows for each studio and a TV for viewing in studio 4.

Free Starbucks Gift Card!
Do you want to help DanceWorks? Leave us a positive review on google and receive a $5 Starbucks Gift Card. Only reviews on Google will count towards the gift card. Once you have left your review stop by the front desk and let us know.

Leave Review Here!

February Fundraisers
Be sure to call and see if your Sees Candy order has arrived!
The Shoe List
The required shoe list for the June Showcase performance will be posted on the notice board in the lobby by the end of this month. We can measure for and order shoes at the front desk. Shoe ordered through the front desk usually take two weeks for delivery.

New E-mails!
In the past we have used the email info@danceworks.com. We no longer use that email. If you need to contact us please use the following emails:
Front Desk (Alyssa)- dwpafrontdesk@gmail.com
Karen- karen.danceworks@gmail.com
Chris- chris.danceworks@gmail.com
Practice Music CD’s
A CD with your student’s performance music will be given o them so they can practice at home. These will be given out in March, so keep an eye out for CDs coming home next month!

New Classes Available
On-Camera Audition Class
Taught by LA Acting Coach & Casting Director
Karen Maseng

Young Actors (8-11yrs)
March 2nd-April 13th
No Class April 6th
Pre registration Required

Teens (12+ yrs)
March 2nd-April 13th
No Class April 6th
Pre registration Required

Class is limited to a maximum of 10 people!

This class is designed to provide young actors with tools that will help them navigate the audition process (inside and outside the audition room), and teach them how to give their best performance before and after they’ve booked the job.

In this class students will work on:
*Slates & Interviews
*On Camera Audition Skills
*Intentions and Action Choices
*Cold Reads
*Improv auditions
*Single Person Copy
*Working with partners
*Scene Preparation

Directors and Casting Directors love young actors who are imaginative, make bold choices and are easy to work with. Karen Maseng introduces talent to a technique she developed over twenty years of auditioning talent both for commercials and films.

Unleash your imagination and turn acting into the challenging, fun and fulfilling experience it should be.

This class is a learning experience. It is not a casting session, nor an employment opportunity!

Summer Dance Camps

Summer Kids Dance Camps Classes Vancouver WA

Summer Kids Dance Camps Classes Vancouver WA

Final Thoughts
Make sure to check in at the front desk about performance fees/payment plans this month.

We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a safe and relaxing break during President’s Day weekend!