Congrats to everyone who attended this years Nutcracker auditions. 91 students auditioned this year as well as 15 parents . We are very proud of everyone!!! Tickets are available now at Ticket Tomato.

Ackermann, Lacey-Party Parent
Adams, Reese- Mouse Adams, Riley- Soldier
Bare, Hailie-Clara’s Friend, Chinese, Flower Garland
Bare, Madison-Soldier, Angel
Barnum, Ashlynn- Mouse, Polichinelle
Barnum, Madison- Cannon Soldier, Chinese, Flower, Understudy Clara Blakeslee, Cheyenne- Mouse, Polichinelle
Brown, Mya- Acro Doll, Arabian Brinkman, Cara-Caroler, Flower Garland Brynelson, Troy- Party Parent
Bryson, Clara- Mouse , Angel
Burkey, Mattea-Party Girl, Arabian Burrowes, Melissa-Soldier, Candy Cane
Carlie, Katherine-Mouse, Angel
Conrad, Ashlyn-Mouse
Costigan, Julia-Party Girl, Candy Cane Cushman, Madeline- Little Party Girl, Angel Cramer, Dakota-Soldier, Candy Cane
Dees, Makayla-Soldier
De Lima, Manuella-Clara’s Friend, Candy Cane Demeter, Tyler-Harlequin, Big Nut, Cavalier DuPuis, Bailey-Party Parent
Elliott, Cecileu- Snow, Lead Mirliton.
Ferguson, Avery-Party Girl, Arabian
Flach, Lauren-Party Girl, Candy Cane Fleck, Andrew-Party Boy, Understudy Fritz Fleck, Averie- Acro Doll, Flower Garland Fleck, Brandon-Mr Stahlbaum
Gibbons, Opal-Party Girl,Chinese, Flower
Gonzalez, Elena-Soldier, Candy Cane
Guasco, Sophia-Snow, Mirliton, Flower Demi Soloist, Understudy Chinese Soloist
Haas, Lyla-Caroler, Arabian
Haas, Tessa-Caroler, Arabian
Hagen, Angelina-Snow, Spanish, Dewdrop, Understudy Big Clara
Hagen, Elayna-Snow, Mirliton, Demi Soloist Flower, Understudy Spanish Soloist
Hatcher, David-Party Parent
Hales, Brady- Photographer, Mouse King
Hales, Cherish-Snow Demi Soloist, Chinese Soloist, Understudy Lead Mirliton Hartrim-Lowe, Chloe-Snow, Mirliton, Flower Demi Soloist , Understudy Chloe Hartrim-Lowe Hemphill, Willow-Soldier
Hickok, Becky-Party Parent
Hickok, Clara-Mouse
Hickok, Sophie-Soldier
Hofer, Brynn-Mother Ginger
Holbrook, Grace-Acro Doll, Chinese, Flower
Hull, Riley- Spanish, Arabian, Flower Garland
King, Satori-Little Clara, Snow Kohlenberger, Ella- Little Party Girl, Angel Krebs, Kalli-Party Girl, Polichinelle
Krebs, Tori- Party Parent
Loveland, Emmerson-Mouse LiDrazzah, Don-Admiral
LiDrazzah, Jazy-Snow, Arabian, Chinese LiDrazzah, Maria-Mitzi Nordstrom Limbrick, Keira- Acro Doll, Arabian Long, Sherri- Party Parent
Loyd, Hannah-Acro Doll, Candy Cane Soloist, Flower, Understudy Columbine
MacDonald, Lauren- Spanish, Flower Garland
Madrigal, Jazira-Caroler, Candy Cane
McNicholas, Colleen-Caroler, Arabian
Mendoza, Mallorie- Snow, Spanish Soloist, Mirliton, Understudy Snow Queen Mercurio, Caitlyn-Soldier
Mercurio, Isabella-Polichinelle
Mikota, Amelia- Mouse, Polichinelle
Mikota, Nora-Mouse
Minhas, Jasleen- Snow, Mirliton, Flower Demi Soloist
Oja, Elizabeth-Clara’s Friend, Candy Cane Oja, Eleanor- Party Girl, Soldier, Angel Overbagh, Eva- Party Girl, Soldier
Pace, Cora-Party Parent
Pace, Ella- Maid, Spanish, Flower, Understudy Arabian Silks soloist Patterson, Ava-Clara’s Friends, Candy Cane Paulu,Adrienne-SnowQueen,Spanish,Mirliton, UnderstudySugarPlum Paulu, Tom- Grandpa
Phillips, Brynlee-Party Girl, Angel
Phillips, Ellianna-Little Party Girl
Powell, Bella-Party Girl, Candy Cane
Price, Amelia-Caroler, Flower Garland
Ramirez, Maya-Caroler, Flower Garland
Reed, Keilani- Columbine, Snow, Arabian Silks Soloist
Reed, Sydney-Big Clara, Sugar Plum
Reznicki, Riley-Little Party Girl, Angel
Reznicki, Sydney -Clara’s Friend, Spanish, Flower, Understudy Candy Cane Soloist
Ross, Aisha- Spanish, Arabian, Flower Garland Ross, Brian-Drosselmeyer
Schmeling, Tiffany- Mrs Stahlbaum
Schuster, Abby-Photographer’s Assistant, Spanish, Flower Shifflette, Addison-Soldier, Polichinelle
Starr, Amara-Arabian, Polichinelle
St. Clair, Lydia-Little Party Girl
Stinchfield, Avery-Party Girl, Angel
Stinchfield, Noah-Party Boy
Stubbs, Conner-Nephew/Small Nutcracker, Candy Cane Cavalier
Troyer, Kimberlynn- Angel, Polichinelle
Ulrich, Harlow-Mouse, Polichinelle Ursache, Isabelle-Angel
Valbuena, Katherine- Sister Mary, Snow, Chinese Valbuena, Michael-Party Parent
Wade, Korbin-Fritz
Wade, Liliana-Acro Doll, Soldier, Arabian
Wallingford, Hazel- Mouse
Wallingford, Maddie-Party Girl, Soldier
Wallingford, Mari- Party Parent
Woodbury, Ellie- Mouse, Polichinelle
Wilkins-Luton, Kat- Spanish, Arabian Attendant, Flower
Will, Kayla- Clara’s Friend, Spanish, Flower
Will, Brody-Party Boy , Understudy Nephew/Small Nutcracker Wilson, Noelle-Mouse