Pictures are in!

If you ordered photos of your student from our in-studio June Showcase/Spring Ballet Picture Week,
they are in the studio ready to be picked up!

If you aren’t sure if you ordered or can’t remember what you ordered, please feel free to call the studio at (360) 892-5664 or email to check if we have them with us.

We will have the photos at the studio all of summer,
here are some good times to come in to pick up your order.

Studio Hours for July/August:
July 30th-August 1st 9am-12pm
July 31st & August 7th 3:30-6:30
August 1st & 8th 3:30-7:30
August 2nd & 9th 3:30-8:00
August 13th-15th 3:30-6:30
August 20th & 21st 3:30-6:30
August 27th-30th 2-7