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Aerial Silks at DanceWorks Performing Arts

Aerial Silks Class

DanceWorks now offers beginning thru advanced level classes for children and adults in the aerial arts. Students will have the opportunity to learn on the aerial silks, dance trapeze and lyra.

Aerial silks, also known as aerial fabrics, are a circus skill that consists of fabric that hangs in the air from a truss. Silks allow to train techniques including climbing, wrapping, inverting, locks and drops. The result is increased strength, flexibility and the ability to be creative while having fun!

An aerial silks class consists of a proper warm-up and flexibility training. It is followed by guided technique instruction. Class are taught by faculty & concludes with a brief warm down. Tricks, poses and sequences are taught to the strength of individual students. Class size is limited to 12 people.

All 6-week sessions require advance payment to hold your place in these very limited classes. There is no registration fee for 6-week sessions.

Winter Aerial Sessions

Aerial Silk classes at DanceWorks Performing Arts

Adult Aerial 6-Week Session
Jan 23rd – Feb 27th
Tuesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm
$140. Pre-registration Required
Reserve your spot today. 360.892.5664