Tap dance is a style of dance all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Unlike Jazz or Ballet, Tap Dance developed from street and dance hall performers. During the ragtime era tap was considered more of a jig but over time developed into what it is today. Students start class by warming up their feet, ankles and legs through a series of steps. Strength building is important to demonstrate quality tap skills and sounds. Students then proceed to work on steps including bombershays, time steps and cramp rolls. Dancers who progress through the lessons will work on harder more challenging moves. All ages and skill levels are welcomed into DanceWorks tap classes.

What different styles of Tap are there?

There are many different styles of tap dance in the United States. Rhythm tap, classical, Broadway and post modern are some of the more popular genres. DanceWorks Tap classes combine classical technique with rhythm styles. Tappers have gone on to train at some of the best tap schools in the world including top dance schools. Although tap is not as popular as it once was, dancers who have mastered the skills find it helps with booking performing work in the industry. To be considered a true triple threat, dancers must be able to demonstrate ballet, jazz and tap. Most dancers looking to book work on Broadway must be able to tap at a high level. Rockettes in New York City must also be able to tap. Dancers are always welcome to try a FREE placement class at DanceWorks Performing Arts Studios. Questions or more information please email or call.

Tap Dance Vancouver WA at DanceWorks

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