Celebrating Excellence

Pre Ballet | Lvl 1-5 | Pointe

Welcome to the Ballet program at DanceWorks, offering exceptional training for dancers aged 3 to 18. From our enchanting Princess Ballerina & Twirling Tutu’s classes sparking the imaginations of our youngest dancers to our Pre 1, and both level 1 & 2 classes, laying the foundation of technique and expression, and culminating in our Pre-Professional Ballet training preparing aspiring dancers for the company apprenticeships, universities and broadway. Led by experienced instructors and supported by a nurturing community, the ballet program is more than just a weekly dance class—it’s a haven where passion meets purpose, where dreams take root, and where dancers of all ages discover the magic of ballet while forging friendships to last a lifetime.

“For over three decades, we’ve been the beacon of excellence in ballet training for kids and pre-professionals alike in Vancouver.”

At DanceWorks, we understand that every pirouette begins with a dream. That’s why DanceWorks attends Youth America Grand Prix yearly with it’s upper level ballet students. YAGP coaching can start at any age but is invite only for students currently training at DanceWorks. We encourage all students and parents wanting to learn more about what it takes to competing at YAGP to ask the front desk or visit our YAGP info page by clicking here.

But beyond technique, we cultivate something deeper—

a love affair with the art form itself.