Dance classes are a fun activity that exercises both the mind and body. While increasing fitness levels, dance lessons for kids also help with better creativity, posture and class etiquette. DanceWorks Performing Arts studios offer a wide range of class options. For all different energy levels. Your little one will be welcomed in their first class. Sign up for a trial class today!

NEW Twinkle Stars Morning Program

Our NEW 10-week session class meets once a week. Each week the students will begin the class with “Get to Know You” time with their classmates & teacher, a 45 minute dance class and a dance craft to end the class. Every 3 weeks tumbling is incorporated into the class & the final class we will perform for parents & caregivers in the studio. 

COST & WHAT’S INCLUDED? CLICK HERE for current schedule. Always no registration fee!

Princess Ballerina/Twirling Tutus Dance Classes

This beginner Ballet classes is perfect for ages 3-5. Students learn basic class etiquette. Good listening, repeating motion, all while dancing like a beautiful princess. Your child will be looking forward to her dance class each week. Twirling Tutus for ages 5-6, work on basic ballet technique. Including body placement, foot positions, turns and leaps. A great class option for that first time dancer. Students have gone on to dance for ABT and more.

Twist Twirl & Tap/Combination Dance Classes

Not sure what your little one will like? Combination classes have a little of everything. Starting with ballet, students then get some funky jazz. Ending with tap shoes so they get to make a little noise at the end of each class. Great for first time students that want to try a little of everything.

Jazz 1-7

This upbeat fun class will have your young dancer shaking and moving. Working on warm ups, stretching, leaps and ending with a fun dance. If your little one has lots of energy, this class is for them. Learn more…


Lyrical is a mix between ballet and jazz. Creating beautiful fun movement while dancing through emotion. While working on technique, turns and feet positions. This is a great class for younger students wanting to show emotion while dancing.

Kids Dance Classes at DanceWorks in Vancouver WA

Now’s the perfect time to let your dancer try a CLASS at DanceWorks Performing Arts. Call (360)892-5664 for any questions. We can’t wait to see you in class!