Enrolling for a trial class is easy. Call DanceWorks at (360) 892-5664 to click HERE to let us know you are coming,  or register online through our homepage for the class of your choice. TA classes will need DanceWorks approval before trying. Once we approve it you’re all set!

Some of our classes need teacher approval in order to enroll. For these classes please call the front desk at (360)892-5664 to enroll or set up your free trial class. 

Great! You’re all set to come to your first class. First time dancers should wear clothes they can move in and bare feet. If it’s a Hip Hop class wear clean tennis shoes. If it’s a ballet class and you have ballet please wear them.

We recommend not buying any dance clothes until the student has enrolled in class. Student trying for the first time should wear comfortable clothing they can move and dance in. DanceWorks has beautiful Marley flooring so going barefoot will work.

Dancers taking any Vancouver City Ballet classes must adhere to the VCB dress code. Lower level classes wear pink leotard, pink tight and ballet shoes with hair tied back in a neat bun and a small ballet skirt. Level 1A -5 students wear a black leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes with hair in a bun. First time students can wear clothing that fits their body and bare feet. 

Classes with TA assigned to the name need Teacher Approval before students can register/enroll. These are usually upper level classes. To try one of these classes or to request a placement evaluation, call 360-892-5664 or e-mail info@danceworksperformingarts.com

All payments are automatically charged & run on a debit/credit card of your choice on either the 5th or the 20th of each month. DanceWorks requires all accounts to have a working card number on file at all times. DanceWorks does not accept cash or check monthly payments. Credit card payments can also be paid over the phone during regular business hours. 

Not at all. Our end of year performance is 100% optional  however 95% of our students do perform in our Spring Ballet & June Showcase. DanceWorks productions are always done in a professional atmosphere with beautiful costumes, lights and inexpensive tickets for all family members to enjoy.