Sometimes younger students are unsure of which dance form they want to take. That is why a combination class is a good place to start. Ages 3-5 take Ballet and Tap, 5-8 can take Ballet, Tap and Jazz within a combination class.

Yes! The first class is always free at DanceWorks and Vancouver City Ballet. This helps us see if the class is a good fit and your student can see if it is the class for them. We have a bag of donated shoes that you can borrow from for the first class and just have them wear something comfortable that they can move in.

Usually up to age 9 and then it is best to separate out the classes. By that age a student usually knows if there is a dance form they prefer.

While we love our students to take Ballet, it isn’t for everyone. If a student is young, then taking just a Jazz, Tap or Lyrical class is fine. Once the student reaches age 9 and wants to continue dance they should add a Ballet class. Ballet is the basis of all dance.

We offer Ballet, Jazz Fusion, Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip Hop classes for older students. Many of our students start dance when they are older and progress quickly.

While performing is not mandatory, most of our students participate. A performance is a chance to show your family and friends how much you have learned during the year and celebrate your success in a positive way!

Nope, at DanceWorks and Vancouver City Ballet your fist class is always free. Just call ahead to let us know you’re coming.