New Spring Session
April 16 – May 21

Aerial yoga is very similar to what you’ve been doing in your aerial silks classes, but with some added elements. First of all, you will be working on the hammock instead of the silk. Secondly, there will be an emphasis on mental health and selfcare in these classes with activities and crafts focused on those themes. It’s tough being a kid these days… and we think mindfulness education is important now more than ever.  In our 6 week aerial yoga sessions, you can expect to:

-Build strength and coordination as you learn airbound yoga poses

-Gain kinesthetic awareness and experience sensory stimulation

-Discover different breathing techniques for different life situations

-Improve strength and motor planning, a very important skill to develop as a kid and teenager

-Explore meditation and all of the ways it can benefit your life

-Build confidence in self, physically and emotionally

-A weekly in studio craft/journal entry that will help translate the teachings in class to life at home

The classes are listed below:
TUES 4:45pm-5:45pm | Level 1| 5-7 yrs
TUES 5:45pm-6:45pm | Level 2 | 8-10 yrs
TUES 6:45pm-7:45pm | Level 3 | 11+yrs

The new session fee is $225 including a $50 non-refundable deposit that will go towards your session fee. Reserve your spot now before they sell out!

New Intermediate Aerial Silks | Invite Only


Aerial Silks classes at DanceWorks available now beginning through advanced level. Lessons available for children and adults. Students have the opportunity to learn aerial silks, dance trapeze and lyra.

Silks known as aerial fabrics, are circus skills consisting of fabric that hangs in the air. Silks train dancers in techniques including climbing, wrapping, inverting, locks and drops. Increased strength, flexibility and the ability to be creative while having fun!

Aerial silks class start with proper warm-up, flexibility training. Lessons taught by faculty & concludes with a brief warm down. Tricks, poses and sequences taught to the strength of individual students. Class size is limited to 12 people. Students can buy silk supplies online at climbing stores for home use. Lyra is a heavy metal hoop used for class. Multiple kids at the same time can practice on one hoop creating beautiful holds. Upper level dancers progress through all three levels to make sure they are properly trained in safety with hold and drops.

Aerial Silks will be fun for my child?

Aerial Silks classes are a great class for kids and children. Age requirement for beginner lessons is 6+. Gymnasts, dancers find aerial to be very different & exciting from traditional dance classes. Students focus their strength on upper body areas, helping to develop as better dancers. Adults do aerial silks. Silks are good for body placements & physical strength. Dancers or adults who have never tried are always welcome to come for a trial first class at DanceWorks. Questions about this class or upcoming sessions please call DanceWorks. Check out our showcase video below of former classes. We look forward to see you on a silk!

Now’s the perfect time to let your dancer try a AERIAL CLASS at DanceWorks Performing Arts. Call (360)892-5664 for any questions. We can’t wait to see you in class!