Dear DWPA Dance Families,

Due to the continuing realities of the pandemic, the restrictions and uncertainty coming from outside factors, we would like to update you on our decision to cancel our 2021 Nutcracker show. We will not hold Nutcracker auditions this Saturday, September 25th.This was not a decision we took lightly.

Our Nutcracker performance venue is a high school operated by Vancouver Public Schools (VPS). Due to the sharp rise in cases in Clark County, the VPS is not committing to any outside reservations. VPS conducts a two week review of our local statistics to decide whether or not it is safe to rent out their schools as venues to outside organizations.

This review process subjects our dancers, teachers, and parents, to a great deal of uncertainty. Essentially, even if VPS did initially commit to a reservation for Nutcracker, we could have our reserved venue cancelled at any time in the next 3 months. We are saddened that we are unable to offer our dancers the opportunity to perform The Nutcracker for the 2021 season. We are hoping for a brighter, safer future for the 2022 Nutcracker season.  Our parents and dancers safety continue to be the number one priority at DanceWorks. Thank you for your continued support.


DWPA & Friends of DanceWorks Board of Directors


Friends of DanceWorks nonprofit presents The Nutcracker every December. Students in Vancouver City Ballet and other local dance schools audition. Auditions are open to all members of the Vancouver community. Full audition information is found on the audition page in July. Nutcracker is produced by Friends of DanceWorks 501c3. Proceeds from ticket sales & fees fund scholarships for local dancers. The scholarships help students launch into careers in dance. Funds are used for anything dance related. (See Scholarship Application for details) Friends of DanceWorks has awarded $36,000 to students over the past 3 years for scholarships.

Dolls in The Nutcracker presented by Friends of DanceWorks, Vancouver City Ballet & DanceWorks Performing Arts

Auditions are held in September and open to dancers age 5 and up. Dancers are recommended to have ballet, pointe and acro to help prepare.. Nutcracker is an optional performance requiring additional fees. See audition page or front desk for more information.

The Nutcracker production is a Vancouver tradition with guests and families returning yearly to celebrate. Elaborate sets, lights and costumes make this production a very popular show.

I’m an adult, can I still audition?

Yes adults are able to audition for all roles and characters. Adults are party parents in the show due to minimal time commitment. Families audition together to make a more memorable experience. Rehearsals go from September to December being on Friday and Saturdays. Cast members are called for short amounts of time for rehearsals. More advanced dancers will be cast in more demanding roles. Girls with advanced pointe work will be kept longer at auditions.

Students have attended top ranked schools for Ballet and Dance. Including ABT, The Rock and San Francisco Ballet. Nutcracker teaches complex choreography. Both beginner and advanced dance students will audition together. One hundred dancers audition yearly for roles. Questions about auditioning, corporate sponsorship. Call DanceWorks studios at 360.892.5664. Board of directors meets multiple times throughout the year.