Lyrical dance is a fusion of both jazz and ballet. Dancers learn ballet technique with bits of jazz movement to help show more emotions while dancing. A lot of students that try ballet find it’s a little show. Some kids try jazz and would like to dance a little slower. It is that perfect balance of both Jazz and Ballet. Beginner level classes start on timing, speed and coordination. Upper level classes start to use more emotion.

Why Lyrical and not Ballet?

Dance Magazine says Lyrical dance melds these younger and older styles of movement and some practice with it can help you master this dance. It has been made popular by shows such as Cirque du Soleil. Which is why the emotional side of it appeals to many girls.

It is a perfect movement style to teach young kids because they can relate to that emotional context. It can be less demanding than other styles with the emphasis being more on personal style. These dance moves and techniques makes it easy for kids of all ages.

If you’ve never tried lyrical dance now is a great time to start. With classes starting year round and for all ages. Come and try a lyrical class today at DanceWorks Performing Arts. Your little dancer will love her first class. If you have questions about placement or other dance classes we offer feel free to email or call. DanceWorks in Vancouver WA has been teaching dance to young students for over 26 years. Now is the perfect time to get your little star in their first class.

Lyrical Dance in Vancouver WA at DanceWorks

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