Acro Gymnastics is a dance style that combines gymnastic acrobatic skills with classical dance elements. Movement blends both styles together to be enjoyed by audience members. Acro is a difficult dance style as it requires performers to be trained in both gymnastic and dance skills together. Being in top physical condition, acro dancers take care of their bodies to maintain their skill set. DanceWorks acro classes start conditioning and strength training for everybody. Students must be strong enough before they can try new tricks. Lower level classes learn proper technique of basic skills. Cartwheels, summersaults, back rolls and back bends. Skills will become more challenging. Including aerials, back front tucks and elbow stands.

Why is it called Acro Gymnastics?

Acro known from other names including gymnastics dance and acrobatic dance. Simply acro by industry professionals. Cirque du Soleil made the genre very popular in the past decade. Gymnasts now have multiple options for work in a field once very small. Dancers rely on having a bag of tricks ready at all time.

Acro for me?

Acrobatics would be easy for students who have done gymnastics. DanceWorks studios are great for making sure to challenge each individual student. Students not in great physical condition should wait to try Acro gymnastics. Questions about this style of dance? Would you like to try a ACRO class to see if it’s challenging enough? Call or email us. DanceWorks is always here to help in anyway possible. Founded in 1993, DanceWorks has always provided stellar dance education to Clark County students. Stop by and try a class at DWPA!

Acro Gymnastics at DanceWorks in Vancouver WA

Now’s the perfect time to let your dancer try a ACRO CLASS at DanceWorks Performing Arts. Call (360)892-5664 for any questions. We can’t wait to see you in class!