Princess Pirouette & Prima Ballerina

Short Pink Skirt, Pink leotard, Pink Tights, hair in a bun.

Pre Ballet 1, 2 & Ballet lvl 1, 2 & 3

Black leotard any style, no rhinestones, zippers or embellishments, pink tights, hair in a bun. Only Ballet wrap sweaters pink or black may be worn in levels Pre 1 & up. These are available for purchase at the studio.

Twirl Twist & Tap Age 3+

Students may wear any color and style of ballet outfit. Hair must be tied back. We recommend pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes, as these are the colors used for showcase.

Fusion Jazz & Lyrical Classes

Fusion Jazz & lyrical students will be required to wear any color dance bottom (jazz pants, capri dance pants or booty shorts) and any color leotard or camisole top. No T shirts. Hair must be tied back.

Jazz & Company Classes

All jazz students can wear any color shorts, sports bra or leotard to class. Tights are optional. These will be available for purchase at the studio. Leggings are also allowed. Only leotards or camisole tops will be permitted, no t-shirts. Warm ups and class attire should be fitted. No sweatpants or baggy clothing. Jazz shoes or bare feet are required. Hair must be secured in a bun, ponytail or French braid.

Aerial Classes

A long sleeved t-shirt, capri length or longer leggings or tights. Rings, earrings and jewelry are not allowed to be worn while participating in an aerial class. Zippers on clothing and jewelry can easily damage the equipment, and could hinder a student’s ability to perform successfully. Students not properly dressed for class will be asked to sit out.

Princess Ballerina

Short Pink Skirt, Pale pink leotard, pink tights, hair tied back.

Ballet, Tap & Jazz 5+ Up

Leotard and tights, any color. Ballet skirts are also allowed. Absolutely no street clothes, T-shirts or leggings.

Hip Hop & Tap Classes

Students may wear loose fitting shorts, pants and shirt. Hip Hop students need to be able to stretch. Hair must be tied back. Please do not wear your tap shoes outside in the parking lot! Clean shoes for Hip Hop.

Acrobatic Classes

Girls – hair secured away from face, leotard with booty shorts, or a leotard with rolled up tights – no t-shirts or loose fitting clothing.
Boys – tight fitting tank top and shorts. All dancers need to have clean, bare feet. There is no jewelry allowed. Students not properly dressed for class will be asked to sit out.