CONTEMPORARY DANCE is very new to the dance world. Based on a mix of both classical Jazz technique and Lyrical, this new style is becoming very popular with teen and kids. Starting with more abstract movement, dancers work on movement that is more grounded. Contemporary style is also very similar to Modern dance. Dancers might get the two styles confused. Modern being very stylized. Contemporary having more moves to choose from, gives the dancer more options to base movement.

Why pick Contemporary over standard Jazz?

Classical jazz is very different from contemporary. Classical Jazz is fast movement with tricks, turns and leaps. Contemporary has these elements but most of it is slower. At DanceWorks in Vancouver WA, we teach the most current trends in the dance world. Having a good understanding of Jazz technique, maybe you should try a new style that will push your limits. Students who have never tried a class, now is the perfect time. Over 100+ classes per week, DanceWorks has something for everybody. Including all ages and skill levels.

Is this a good class for beginners or kids?

Kids might find class a little bit slow. We do have lots of kids that try and love it. Beginner contemporary is a nice way to explore dance without being too hard on the body. We also recommend trying a trial class first for level placement. If you ever have questions on this genre of dance be sure to call and ask the front desk. Staff is always available to answer questions about styles, billing or anything studio related. See you in class!

Contemporary Dance at DanceWorks in Vancouver WA

Now’s the perfect time to let your dancer try a FREE CLASS at DanceWorks Performing Arts. Call (360)892-5664 for any questions. We can’t wait to see you in class!