DanceWorks Performing Arts holds classes & lessons for Adult Ballet, as well as a number of workout classes. All are invited to take class. DanceWorks holds dance classes for adults taught by our instructors and faculty with years of dance experience in their fields. For beginners, classes are a fun way to get fit while gaining dance experience. For more experienced dancers, classes are more advanced and challenging. Classes start with a basic Ballet barre warm up, followed by stretching. After bares are removed, center floor work continues with across the floor.

Our Adult Ballet Classes & Lessons are designed for students who would like to work in a slower paced environment. This class progresses slowly and is open to adult beginners at any point during the year. Attention is paid to proper body alignment, use of the legs and feet, and developing movement sequences through coordination of the arms and head. Students are encouraged to follow more experienced students. As well as ask questions when needed. Like all of our open classes including Summer, this class is subject to the needs of the overall attendees of each class. Past students have attended ABT Summer programs, San Francisco Ballet and more.

Adult Ballet at DanceWorks in Vancouver WA