7/17/20 Update –
Hello Everyone,
We are so excited to have students come back to the studio for classes. Below is information about how reopening and classes will work.
Modified Schedule
We have made some changes to the summer schedule to accommodate limiting numbers in classes as well as low enrollment in some classes. Attached you will find the current schedule.
The following classes will start in person on Monday July 20th and run through August 28th.
Ballet Levels 1-5
Beginning Pointe
Pointe 1
Pointe 2
Jazz Levels 1-6
Preteen Technique
Teen Jazz
All Tech/Progs Classes
Co Hip Hop 4
Contemporary and Tap 3/5 will start live on zoom Monday July 20th and run through August 28th.
Lyrical 4/5/6 will start live on zoom Wednesday July 22nd and run through Wednesday August 12th.
Lyrical 2/3 will start live on zoom Thursday July 23rd and run through Thursday August 20th.
All other classes will start live on zoom on Monday July 27th and run through August 28th. 
More information about these classes will be sent out on Monday. 
Daily Waiver
All students will be required to have a daily waiver signed by the parent before entering the studio. We have attached the waiver to this email so that you can print it at home and have it ready when you enter the building. Students will only need one waiver per day if they have multiple classes. Students cannot take class without the waiver.
All students are required to wear masks at all times. We understand that this can be uncomfortable and hard for some students, however they are always welcome to attend zoom class from home.
Zoom Classes
All classes will be zoomed live so that students can attend from home. They will also be recorded and posted to our summer virtual class page. There is more information about how to access this below. Zoom classes will look a little different than they did in the Spring. Students will be able to see and hear the teacher, however the teacher will not be able to see the students. Students will not be able to see each other. This is to ensure the safety of our students while taking online classes. All students attending a zoom class are required to have their name as their zoom name for safety and attendance purposes. If we do not see the students name on zoom and on our roll sheet then we will block them from the class.
Summer Virtual Class Page
The virtual class page has a new link for summer. This is the link to the new page https://danceworksperformingarts.com/summer-virtual-classes/ You will find the links to all of the class zooms as well as past class recordings and attachments from this email.
New Protocol Video
Please watch this video with your student so that you are prepared for our new protocols for taking class https://vimeo.com/439274938. Remember masks are required for everyone in phase 2. Parents of students over the age of 6 are not allowed in the studio unless they have an appointment with the front desk. Please call to make an appointment.
Class sizes/Attendance
During phase 2 all classes are limited to 5 students regardless of the room capacity. Because of this, some of our classes are on a rotating schedule so that all students get a chance to attend class in person. Attached you will find the schedule for attendance for all classes that are happening in person. If your students name is listed under the Tuesday column then they are to attend class in person on Tuesdays and zoom the other days. As always, they are welcome to zoom instead of attending in person. For classes that happen once a week, attendance rotates each week. Remember to look closely at the date to make sure that you are attending class from home or in person.
Makeup/Missing Class Policy
All makeup classes will now have to be scheduled through zoom. We have a very limited number of spaces in each class. Please let us know if you plan to attend a zoom class as a makeup as we will be taking attendance.
Live Class Attendance
The schedule for live class attendance cannot be changed. This is because it would affect all the students in the class. You cannot trade days with a friend or decide to attend class in person if you have already let us know that you plan to attend through zoom.