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With over 23 years of experience, DanceWorks is the most complete and trusted studio in the area.

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What makes DanceWorks the best?


DanceWorks offers classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Acrobatic Dance, Pre-school Dance, Aerial Silks, Musical Theatre, Ages 3 to adult, and beginning through advanced levels. Our mission is to provide the highest quality dance education for every student, from recreational to pre-professional, in a positive, productive, and healthy environment.

  • Our NEW 10,000sq ft building has 6 studios, all equipped with elevated hardwood sprung floors which help reduce the risk of injuries, 5 bathrooms, student lounge, large dressing rooms, wifi, 50 parking spaces & much more
  • Desk staff are available to assist you during teaching hours
  • Observation windows for viewing in 5 of our studios, and TV viewing in one of our other studios
  • Annual Showcase with 5 tickets included in your Showcase fee, along with a t-shirt for your dancer
  • Your Showcase fee also includes costume tights, accessories, a logo garment bag, and all alterations.

4 Things Every Parent Should Know About Dance Schools

Dance is a very physical activity that requires a lot of jumping, which can put stress on bones and joints. Most dance footwear does not provide any cushioning or support, so the shock of dance movement can place a lot of pressure on the knees and back of a dancer. The best way to prevent against potential injury is by choosing a studio with a professional sprung floor covered with Marley to prevent slipping.These floors help reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance longer without getting tired. Five of our six floors at DanceWorks have these floors, which give as the students move on them. Our tap room has a floating floor subsystem with hard wood.

If the dance class has fewer students in it, each child will receive more personalized attention, learn more, and have more fun. With younger students, it is easier for a teacher to maintain control over the class and make sure each student understands the concepts and instructions when there are fewer students per class. Our studio limits our classes (ages 6-12) to a maximum of just 12 students per class. With our younger classes (ages 3-5) we limit all of our classes to a maximum of just 10. We also have an assistant program in which our senior students demonstrate and assist in classes, which provides the teacher with more opportunity to watch and correct the students.
Most studios put on a year end show at an outside venue. Students that perform in the show must have a costume for their dance number. Some studios may require parents to sew their child’s costumes, or pay extra, and the parents must find a seamstress to do the sewing. This can be inconvenient and frustrating for parents who are busy or can’t sew. Our studio orders costumes ready made so parents do not have to worry about any costume hassles and any alterations required are done for you and included. Most studios also require parents to purchase tickets separately for the performance. Our studio also gives each parent 5 free tickets and a dvd of the show included with your showcase fee.Extra tickets can be purchased for a minimal amount.
Conveniently order and purchase shoes, tights and dance wear all in one location. We have office staff on hand during all class times Monday through Saturday to answer your questions. All of our information is posted, with extra copies always available.



Over 1,000 Parents, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We love our parents and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering amazing classes and outstanding customer service.

After trying two different dance studios, we found DanceWorks. We were immediately impressed with the dance studio and how it is operated. We have now been coming to DanceWorks for five years. The owner, dance instructors, and staff are all welcoming, friendly, and very professional. We especially like how this dance studio offers a wide variety of classes and opportunities for their students. DanceWorks has taught our daughters many lifelong skills such as discipline, teamwork, focus, commitment, and confidence. Our daughters love going to dance and now think of it as a second home!
Jeff Reznicki, Current Parent
Little did I know 7 1/2 years ago when Bailey and I walked through the front door of DanceWorks that he was walking into the place where he could be himself, be taught by knowledgeable dance teachers and build upon the passion that he already had for music and dance. Fast forward to today at 14 years old Bailey considers DanceWorks, Ms. Karen, studio administration, incredible teachers and his fellow dancers his family. The seasoned and very skilled faculty instills discipline, technique and motivation. They push him to dance his best and when things get tough, to dance harder.

The faculty brings a lot of combined experience to their students, each having different strengths in dance. They have given Bailey support when his school classmates have pushed him down; encouraging him to stand strong and keep on dancing. He is part of the performing company that competes, attends conventions and performs at community events together. Stage presence, performing at your best and courtesy to others is what is expected and shown when representing DanceWorks. Multiple classes, competition numbers, duos, trios and solos all make up a season at the studio. The end of year showcase is spectacular. Each year the show gets better and better. I’ve never seen a studio showcase their kids as much as DanceWorks. Ms. Karen takes pride in her studio and it shows by the stellar productions she puts together. Multiple hours of dance, learning technique, practicing competition numbers and repeating dance steps over and over again is all worth it to Bailey. In the almost 8 years he has been there, he has come a very long way. He wouldn’t choose any other studio, this is where he belongs.

Jen Eland, Current Parent
I have three girls (2, 7, & 10) who LOVE to dance. They all started dancing as soon as they could walk. After trying a few other dance studios, we found DanceWorks/Vancouver City Ballet. We have been dancing here for almost 4 years. I can tell you speaking from experience there is no better place in the greater Portland/Vancouver area to take dance. I love that they offer formal ballet training along with jazz, acro, lyrical, and my personal favorite Angelina Ballerina under one roof, starting at the age of 2 on up. My 2 year old had so much fun this last year doing ballet/tumbling class, now it’s all she wants to do! My girls absolutely love going to dance! They love their teachers, who are so nice, fun, and extremely professional. My 10 year old loves to be challenged and have fun at the same time, and DanceWorks offers her this. Miss Karen runs a wonderful business, it always amazes me, there has to be over 400 dancers coming in and out of the studio, and she knows them all by name and makes each and every one feel special. What makes me the most happy above everything I have mentioned, is when my girls say they feel as though they are part of the DanceWorks family, I know we found the right studio and will never go anywhere else!
Sherri Bare, Current Parent
My daughter began taking classes at DanceWorks a year ago. She had never taken dance before and was nervous to learn something new. After her first day, she turned to me and said that she loved to dance and that DanceWorks was the perfect place for her to learn. Over the past year, I have watched her ability as a dancer improve dramatically and her passion for the art only intensify. Beyond the improvement in her dance, I have witnessed her self-confidence soar as she developed a feeling of skillfulness and success. In an essay my daughter wrote, she says “When I dance, I feel a part of something spectacular and unique. I believe DanceWorks is an incredible place where true magic happens. With each class I take, I meet talented people, create amazing friendships, and am able to spend time doing the thing I love most – dance. It’s a place I would recommend to anyone who has ever wished to become a dancer.” From my experience as a parent, I could not agree more with my daughter’s words.
Lori Ann Austin, Current Parent
DanceWorks is the perfect studio for the beginner, recreational or skilled dancer. My Grandson has been here for the last 4 yrs and it is like a second home. The teachers are amazing with the kids at all skill levels. DanceWorks has so much to offer, from first dance steps to company performers. My grandson has been a part of the Vancouver City Ballet program, as well as a DanceWorks Company Performer. He participates in many yearly events and various competitions throughout the year. He loves all his classes which include ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical
Kris D, Current Parent
My daughters have been attending dance at DanceWorks for more than 11 years and every year Karen and her staff do an amazing job! From day one, I have felt that this studio has always been run in a fun and professional environment. Karen makes every effort to give back to her students and the community. Whether it be by bringing in professional dancers to teach master classes (not that her teachers aren’t already amazing!), offering a scholarship program, giving to Bridge the Gap or raising money for breast cancer! She is always looking to see where she can improve and give back. If you are looking for a studio that offers lots of options for classes, amazing teachers and loads of potential for students looking to dance professionally, then this is the studio for you!
Terese N, Former Parent